Ella's Angels

Why Ella’s Angels?

First and foremost, Ella’s Angels was established by a mum.

This mum also happens to be an executive-level headhunter with decades of experience in the most stringent of referencing and recruitment processes.

She has also set up and managed successful nanny and au-pair agencies internationally.

We think that’s pretty useful!



Other Information

Ella's Angels is a Recruitment Agency, specialised in the placement of Nannies and Domestic Staff across the South of the United Kingdom.

We can also put you in touch with providers of bespoke Tax, Employment, Insurance and First Aid Training services to ensure your employment of household staff is a smooth and safe process for your whole family.


So Many Questions…

Where do I start? How do I make my choice? Can I rely on written references? How do I know about the background of my Nanny if they have not disclosed something to me? There are so many regulations now: what do I have to do to make the employment legal? What about the tax? What about paying my nanny?

…what should I do first?


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